Eksi Ekso - Brown Shark, Red Lion (2011)

"Boston's Eksi Ekso, once a six-piece, returns as a three-piece, shedding its post rock tendencies with the release of their colorful sophomore album, Brown Shark, Red Lion. Due March 15th on The Mylene Sheath (Athens, GA label whose catalog includes Caspian, Junius, Giants, and more), the new release marks Eksi Ekso s follow-up to 2008 s Malcolm Burn-produced debut, I Am Your Bastard Wings (Magic Bullet Records). Self-produced --yet with key creative guidance from noted engineers/producers Scott Solter, Scott Riebling, and Dave McNair-- Brown Shark, Red Lion is a natural progression of a band that refuses to get locked into the self-importance and restraints of post rock, taking the best elements of chamber pop and fusing it with dance music, indie rock, and a more significant reliance on vocals.

The 11-song collection features the songwriting team of founding members Tom Korkidis (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, woodwinds), Sean Will (piano, keys, brass), and Alex Mihm (drums, loops, samples) joined by a bevy of musical guests, including a 9-piece chamber orchestra and gang vocals. Building on the advice of Malcolm Burn, Brown Shark, Red Lion is a story record that recounts the mysterious disappearance of Lev Ahnur, a photographer and amateur astronomer who went missing in eastern Turkey in the late 19th century, and his niece, who also went missing nearly six decades later." - The Mylene Sheath

Eksi Ekso
Brown Shark, Red Lion
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1. Kills of the Flood Tide
2. Carte de Visite
3. Rein, White Sun
4. Brown Shark, Red Lion
5. Traitor Traitor
6. Bellows to Brass Lens
7. 14 for 3
8. West of Rize
9. A Dead Light
10. The Pilot and the Pod
11. Black Sea Accomplice

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The Mylene Sheath
United States
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