The Sandwitches - Mrs. Jones' Cookies (2011)

The Sandwitches' sound is a bitter-sweet batter of old-time americana, 60's garage, soul and country. Imagine if the Shangri-las got together with Loretta Lynn, or better yet... the Carter Family, to sing on lost PJ Harvey songs performed by the Monks. Their delivery is heartfelt, honest, and at times achingly ach-ey, and despite the vast and diverse musical terrain they chose to tread, they never break the spell. These are damaged songs for wounded hearts. 

--Empty Cellar Records

"Imagine a 60's Girl-group is on tour and their van breaks down near a gothic castle high on the hill, Dario Argento invites them in to perform a concert for his tweaked actors in a big dark red room inside and, if the dream is right, it’s the Sandwitches - they'd fit right in with those misfits and speak the same language. I'd like to be there to dance. Close your eyes and you'll see what I mean. These are fab, haunting tunes wrapped in tender weird pop. That's what we got here. A heavy party you want to hang out at." 

-- Kelley Stoltz 

"Give naivete a good, hard twist and you get something close to the rock 'n' roll-primitive originality of the Sandwitches. Little wonder that two of the winsome 'Witches, vocalist-guitarists Grace Cooper and Heidi Alexander, were once backup vocalists for the Fresh and Onlys — the Sandwitches' music rings out with the ear-cleansing clarity of smart girls who understand the importance of preserving the best, raw parts of their innocence, even amid the pleasures and perils of age, wisdom, snarking hipsters, and intimidating record collections." 

-- Kimberly Chun, San Francisco Bay Guardian 

"There is also something so honest and sincere about their delivery that you get the feeling they would play these songs with as much conviction and emotion in their living room filled with a few friends as much as they would on stage at a packed venue." 

-- Aquarius Records

The Sandwitches
Mrs. Jones' Cookies
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1. In the Garden
2. Summer of Love
3. Black Rider
4. My Heart Does Swell
5. Heaviest Head in the West
6. Lightfoot
7. Over the Moon
8. Miracle Me
9. Joe Says
10. Heavy Times

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Empty Cellar
United States
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