Kontakte - We Move Through Negative Spaces (2011)

KONTAKTE’s music infuses all elements from the sonic-spectrum. Combining ethereal melodies and celestial tones with a pulsing electronic backbeat, KONTAKTE produce an overall hypnotic noise – informing the band to create music with depth, space and intensity.
2010 saw the band play numerous shows inc' the Lewes Psychedelic Festival and their first show in Germany - headlining the Feedback Fever Festival in Hamburg. A mini-tour in October provided KONTAKTE with the perfect platform to preview tracks from their forthcoming album 'We Move Through Negative Spaces' which was completed during the summer of 2010.
Scheduled release date for the new record is March 2011 via Drifting Falling Records.
We Move Through Negative Spaces
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1. Astralagus
2. Hope...
3. With Glowing Hearts
4. Early Evening Bleeds Into Night
5. A Snowflake In Her Hand
6. The Owls Won't See Us Her
7. Every Passing Hour
8. The Ocean Between Me And You

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Drifting Falling
United Kingdom
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