Lifeguards - Waving At The Astronauts (2011)

Robert Pollard's reputation for writing endlessly had been cemented by the '90s, so the late 2010 announcement that he would have 3 new releases (along with his solo album Space City Kicks and Mars Classroom's The New Theory of Everything) in 2011 was: a) predictable; b) expected; c) egregious; or d) all of the above. In fairness, the Lifeguards project Waving at the Astronauts was kicked off by Guided by Voices bandmate Doug Gillard. Gillard recorded 10 instrumentals that were sent to Pollard for the vocal treatments. In October 2010 the group released the "Product Head" seven-inch.
-Dan Nishimoto,
Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices are LIFEGUARDS. The two first worked together outside of the GBV realm on the 1999 fan-classic Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Dept, which included "Do Something Real" the anthemic theme to Steven Soderbergh's film Full Frontal. Their debut release as Lifeguards, Mist King Urth, emerged in 2002 on Pollard's own Fading Captain Series label to fervent fan approval. In 2010 Pollard and Gillard reconvened for the first time since the end of GBV in 2004 to create the astounding follow up: Waving at the Astronauts. Gillard wrote and recorded 10 complex and beautiful instrumentals at home then sent the finished compositions off to Pollard who graced the tracks with some of the most unforgettable melodies and strangely poetic lyrics of his career. In May 2010, Pollard recorded his vocals with Gillard and Travis Harrison at Serious Business Music in NYC where drums and overdubs were added and the record was mixed. 
From the ragged and triumphant rock masterpiece "Paradise Is Not So Bad," to the chugging "Sexless Auto" and the off-kilter ramble of "What Am I," this is the latest gem from a songwriting team whose limits are larger than any arena you might try and squeeze them into.
Waving At The Astronauts
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1. Paradise Is Not So Bad
2. Nobody's Milk
3. (Doing The) Math
4. Product Head
5. You're Gonna Need A Mountain
6. Sexless Auto
7. Trip The Web
8. They Called Him So Much
9. Keep In Orbit
10. What Am I?

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Serious Business Records
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