Holly Throsby - Team (2011)

Her 2004 debut On Night introduced her as a deft lyricist and a singer/songwriter who wasn’t afraid to forge her own musical path. The album features heartbreak and stark production alongside random bird calls and dog barking that bled into the recording. The second album upped the production but kept the warmth. The third was recorded in Nashville. The fourth was a children’s album. In all four cases, it was all anchored around the words.
Vocally, Throsby adopts the plaintive, breathy, Blasko-thing , and does so with a sophistication that few, include Blasko, manage to match. Her ability to couple fragmented thoughts and unabashed emotion to musical beds in a way that somehow evokes the environment in which these songs were recorded (a 19th century sandstone church in rural NSW) is an old age trick that is almost impossible to nail. The songs possess a lazy air of timelessness, as if they plodded out of the church fully formed.
Warm acoustic instrumentation adorns the record, making songs like opener What I Thought Of You and Hi You Reckless Darling feel like homespun truths, whispered from a safe haven. “Outside, where it’s wild,” Throsby sings in It’s Funny, and it is clear that Throsby is safe in the insular world she has created, if not entirely happy. To See You Out winds up and down gently; a beautiful vocal melody, a nylon guitar and a solemn cello the only elements stopping the song from evaporating altogether.
At 33 minutes, the album is short and sweet; and with ten uniform songs, Throsby manages to create a musical nook that both feels familiar and unique. It’s claustrophobic, sweet, sad and filled with minutia that ground her airy, epic sentiments. The final track, When?, sees Throsby singing out to a void; heartbroken and wishing to get over a love that may just be doomed to last for eternity. It is the best song on the album and trickles out beautifully, leaving the album hanging. Throsby's is a world worth visiting.
Holly Throsby
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1. What I Thought Of You
2. It's Only Need
3. Here Is My Co-Pilot
4. Hi, You Reckless Darling
5. It's Funny
6. To See You Out
7. Come Back To See Me
8. Waiting For Me
9. We Are Glowing
10. When?

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