Little Wings - Black Grass (2011)

If the name Little Wings is unfamiliar, that is not totally surprising. I first discovered the project of Kyle Field as the opener to Dirty Projectors a couple years back. Field also used the moniker for some collaborations with Feist on the Look At What The Light Did Now film, whose title derives from one of his songs. But, despite these notable appearances, Little Wings has not released an album since 2007′s Soft Pow’r, though Field has kept busy working on books, art exhibits and even a separate project called Be Gull.

And the landscape seems primed for a big splash from Black Grass, the recently announced album from Little Wings which will be released on February 25th on RAD. Tiny Mix Tapes says this album is influenced by “Dos (one of several post-Minutemen bands, this one featuring Mike Watt and ex-wife/ex-Black Flag’s Kirra Roessler) and the song “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys.” Blank stares are appropriate.

Little Wings
Black Grass
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1. Gold Teeth
2. How Come?
3. Mr. Natural
4. Can I Knock On this Door?
5. I Grow Too
6. Come Fall
7. Stay Joking
8. Fall Skull
9. Little Bit
10. Black Grass

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Marriage Records
United States
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