The Skull Defekts - Peer Amid (2011)

Lungfish legend Daniel Higgs joins Swedish experimental post-punk crew the Skull Defekts as their new fifth member on "Peer Amid". If you’re the Skull Defekts, Higgs is basically the best possible new contributor: Their rhythmic, muscular, psychedelic use of drone, raga, ritualistic repetition, circularity, and noise works perfectly with Higgs’ Lungfish and solo trajectories. You hear the ghost of hardcore in their approach. (You’ll also hear a sort of sweaty sexiness that’s missing too much in the underground these days.) In the past the Defekts worked with Pan Sonic and Mats Gustafsson, among others, but this is the most complete, moving immersion. The collection was recorded in Stockholm. Higgs sings, chants, incants on every track and adds various instruments to the mix.

The Skull Defekts
Peer Amid
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320 kbps

1. Peer Amid
2. No More Always
3. Gospel Of The Skull
4. The Silver River
5. In Majestic Drag
6. Fragrant Nimbus
7. What Knives, What Birds
8. Join The True

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Thrill Jockey
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