Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings (2011)

When foreigners picture America, we’re sure they’re only thinking of Ohio. Some combination of Revolutionary Road and Arcade Fire serving as a basic topographic map of the imaginary suburban promised land with a paint peeling dystopia behind closed doors. In the garage of one of these homes comes Cleveland’s teenage Cloud Nothings, sweet punk with the basic agenda of getting our your yayas. Their self-titled album, out later this month on Car Park, is a quick collection of heartland songs, genuine with just a taste of snobby nihilism. You could re-cut and loop the Billie Joe sofa slashing scene in Green Day’s “Longview” video to any of these songs.

Cloud Nothings
Cloud Nothings
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1. Understand At All
2. Not Important
3. Should Have
4. Forget You All The Time
5. Nothing's Wrong
6. Heartbeat
7. Rock
8. You're Not That Good At Anything
9. Been Through
10. On The Radio
11. All The Time

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Carpark Records
United States
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