The Sunny Era - Gone Missing (2011)

Eric, Laila, and Rob have taken the foundation from Connection Lost and entertained an exciting development in their musical identity. Restructuring The Sunny Era as a three-piece ensemble, becoming more fluid in instrumentation, and approaching the creation of new music as a collective has allowed for greater musical variety and experimentation. Inspired both by independent rock and traditional Eastern world music, they worked together to create a new body of work, reflected on their second CD, This Darkness of Love. They have refined their ensemble playing and found an exhilarating energy behind their more worldly new sound. They hope you will enjoy the experience!

The Sunny Era
Gone Missing
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1. Broken
2. A World of Chance
3. End of Time
4. Crossed Roads and Twisted Branches
5. The Devil to Pay
6. Gone Missing
7. Odessa
8. Winter in El Corazón
9. Schedrivka
10. You Lose
11. Flickering Lights
12. Cyrus + Cassandane
13. Mary Celeste

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Dobra Silenus Records
United States
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