Architects - The Here And Now (2011)

True musical pioneers grow, evolve, and aren't afraid to follow their hearts. Driven by self-belief and inner strength, creative greatness and artistic progression means being unafraid of challenges and not relying on past glories and sticking to the status quo. It's a notion that ARCHITECTS (UK) understand more than most, and that's why the Brighton quintet have created the most ambitious and enriched album of their career. "This is the most real record we have done, it's the most honest musically and it's just exactly what we want to do," says the the band's vocalist Sam Carter. "The fact we didn't hold back makes it 10 times better." Forget what you 'think' you know about ARCHITECTS (UK). This is not metalcore, it is not hardcore, it is not tech metal - this is, quite simply, ARCHITECTS (UK). Right here, right now...

The Here And Now
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1. Day In Day Out
2. Learn To Live
3. Delete, Rewind.
4. BTN
5. An Open Letter To Myself
6. The Blues
7. Red Eyes
8. Stay Young Forever
9. Heartburn
10. Year In Year Out/Up And Away
11. Day In Day Out (Big Chocolate Remix)

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Century Media
United KIngdom
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