Disappears - Guider (2011)

We've dug everything Disappears have done thus far and the A-side of "Guider" warms the listener up with the quality of excellence you previously heard on Disappears debut LP "Lux". But the last two cuts on "Guider" are what's got us so excited. "New Fast" is where things really start getting interesting. This cut sounds like nothing Disappears have approached before. We're talking downer-Neu! vibes here, specifically something like one of Neu!'s signature tunes, "Negativland". And the final cut on the album follows suit. "Revisiting" is an epic kraut jam (nearly 16 minutes long) we never would've expected Disappears to write, but we sure are glad they did. No sophomore slump here, y'all. "Guider" is a ripper back and forth. Overall, it's a ridiculously good record, full of Spacemen-3 and Krautrock-influenced quasi-garage cuts that sound fresher, brighter, and more direct than their debut. As Kranky mentions in the press release, "Guider" means to control or influence, which is what all the songs ended up being about in one form or another. This is a heads down, blinders on, damn the distractions, forward driving, controlled squall. Drop the needle, turn up the volume and surrender to the delicious." We'd never say anything like surrender to the delicious, but we absolutely agree with the sentiment. This record comes with our highest recommendation. We're not the betting type, but if we were, we'd up the ante on a wager that "Guider" will make many best of '11 lists.

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1. Superstition
2. Not Romantic
3. Halo
4. Guider
5. New Fast
6. Revisiting

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United States
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