Robert Pollard - Space City Kicks (2011)

It now officially feels like 2011 as we have the first Robert Pollard release of the year titled "Space City Kicks". At first this record sounds completely loose with most of its eighteen tracks barley crossing the 2 minute mark but with repeat listens, Space City Kicks will bring you a new appreciation of Bob's strategic plan with his always heavy release schedule. Even with everything going on, like GBV's reunion tour, supporting a rocking Boston Spaceships record, a new Lifeguards album in February and the new Mars Classroom project hitting in March, the quality on Space City Kicks is still superb and continues to be a strong point that has been carried over from his last few solo efforts. Compared to his 2009 solo releases, Space City Kicks brings an increased attitude that starts on lead off track "Mr. Fantastic Must Die", which is 1:28 of ruckus and noise that takes a page from Pollard's Circus Devils songbook, while the following title track offers loud instruments and a soaring sing along chorus. With most tracks being so short, Space City Kicks offers no fillers, plenty of melody and memorable song transitions that remind me of early holy grail GBV records like Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. Of course the tracks still retain the Pollard solo angle but on the extremely catchy "Touch Me In The Right Place At The Right Time" and "I Wanna Be Your Man In The Moon" he has never sounded better. Where the reflective Moses On A Snail [2010] had an extreme focus on song structure, Space City Kicks brings a similar perspective only now it is packaged in condensed indie bursts. It is a record that does a nice job of not only borrowing from the past but describing who Pollard is now and what he has been up to. This album is definitely a release that benefits from repeat listens, as they allow the hooks to sink in and the always interesting wordplay to connect. Space City Kicks is a great start to 2011 and truly continues Pollard's creative streak of solid solo records that should be a must for his legions of fans to check out!

Robert Pollard
Space City Kicks
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1. Mr. Fantastic Must Die!
2. Space City Kicks
3. Blowing Like a Sunspot
4. I Wanna Be Your Man in the Moon
5. Sex She Said
6. One More Touch
7. Picture a Star
8. Something Strawberry
9. Follow a Loser
10. Children Ships
11. Stay Away
12. Gone Hoping
13. Into It
14. Tired Life
15. Touch Me in the Right Place at the Right Time
16. Woman to Fly
17. Getting Going
18. Spill the Blues

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Guided By Voices
United States
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