Fergus & Geronimo - Unlearn (2011)

Though Fergus & Geronimo’s Andrew Savage and Jason Kelly now live in Brooklyn, their latest album, "Unlearn", showcases what the Denton duo can do. 
The record, set for release on Jan. 18, is a powerful blend of everything from lo-fi rock to Beach Boys-esque doo-wop, Violent Femmes-style punk-tinged tracks and sounds that defy genre. 
The wide array of styles is integral to the Fergus & Geronimo sound, Kelly said. “That’s basically what the album was, just all our different influences coming out,” he said. 
Kelly was quick to point out, though, that the duo’s talents aren’t limited to what’s on the album.  One reason for the varied genres is the lack of collaboration between Savage and Kelly in writing the tracks. Each songwriter comes out individually throughout the record. “One of the elements that make it a little bit scatterbrained is that his songs sound one way and mine sound another way,” Savage said. “The sound is more like two people’s solo projects put on one record.” 
Seattle label Hardly Art — an imprint of Sub Pop Records — is putting out Unlearn, which is Fergus & Geronimo’s first full-length release. Savage and Kelly hope the album will help define the band’s identity, which Savage calls “amorphous” right now. 
“We’ve had a few singles come out on various labels that have kind of helped define the band over the past couple of years,” Kelly said. “I think this is going to be our first chance to really define ourselves.” 
Savage and Kelly said they cut the record in their Denton home rather than in a studio so they could exercise greater control over the sound. 
“It allowed us a certain atmosphere to where we could take our time and we could obsess over minutiae, whereas I think in a studio environment we would be more crunched on time,” Savage said. “That’s the kind of environment that I particularly like to be in because it’s more cultivating for people that are control freaks, which I think we both kind of are.” 
And after more than a year of working and waiting, having the release date so close is strange, he said. “It feels kind of weird that this thing that we worked on so hard so long ago is just now going to start reaching people and seeing the light of day,” Savage said. Despite feeling “weird” about the impending release, Kelly said they look forward to Unlearn hitting the shelves. “I’m not looking at it as a kind of make-or-break kind of deal, but I would like it to help define the band’s identity,” Savage said. “I would like for it to help establish who we are.” 
Unlearn may be only the first building block of the Fergus & Geronimo sound, but it’s sure to be an intricate and solid thing worth picking up for a variety of music lovers.
Fergus & Geronimo
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320 kbps

1. Girls With English Accents
2. Wanna Know What I Would Do?
3. Powerful Lovin'
4. Baby Boomer/Could You Deliver?
5. Michael Kelly
6. Baby Don't You Cry
7. Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass
8. World Never Stops
9. Forced Aloha
10. Could You Deliver?
11. Unlearn

Music label: 
Hardly Art
United States
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