Esben and the Witch - Violet Cries (2011)


Having already impressed Matador enough to put out their Marching Song EP, Brighton trio Esben & The Witch continue their relationship with the long-running indie with this, their debut album. Matador has gone as far as to describe it as "amongst the more audacious and ambitious debut albums, whether in recent memory or in this label's very long run." Produced by band member Daniel Copeman, the album amplifies the sound and size of their dark, gothic post-punk to harrowing heights, as opposed to the restrained, slow burn of their previous work.

Esben and the Witch
Violet Cries
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1. Argyria
2. Marching Song
3. Marine Fields Glow
4. Light Streams
5. Hexagons IV
6. Chorea
7. Warpath
8. Battlecry/Mimicry
9. Eumenides
10. Swans

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United States
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