Panda Bear - Last Night At The Jetty (2010)

Third in a series of crucial 7"s from Animal Collective's Panda Bear setting the scene for his 'Tomboy' album coming 2011. He's certainly pared his sound down to a few well-worked elements with these recent tracks, focusing on those heart-warming vocal harmonies and plaintive echo chamber percussive elements with 'Last Night At The Jetty'. It's possible to detect a slight dubstep influence in there if you were that way inclined, but pinched and rounded to the indie pop format to provide a refreshing framework for those seasonal vocals. The same sense of minimalism is applied to 'Drone', duetting brilliantly blindfolded and dissonant synth chords with extended vocal drones in quite an avant-garde sense, yet with sincerest pop intentions. There's only 350 for the UK and Ireland and the previous 7"s have sold out at source within days so do be quick.


Panda Bear
Last Night At The Jetty
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320 kbps

1. Last Night At The Jetty
2. Drone

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Paw Tracks
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