Death In June - Peaceful Snow / Lounge Corps (2CD) (2010)

Gone the Totenpop guitar, it's now time to march to the 88 keys of the Lounge Corps Piano Bar; 'PEACEFUL SNOW'! The new album from DEATH IN JUNE features 13 new 'Totenpop Torchsongs', with the first 3,000 copies of the specially Runic whiphand 6 debossed Softpak CD version (and for a limited time DIJital download) also containing a limited edition CD of 17 DEATH IN JUNE classics instrumentally reinterpreted at Douglas P.'s request by Slovakian pianist Miro Snejdr at his favourite Dirty Martini Studios in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Death In June
Peaceful Snow / Lounge Corps
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Disc 01: Peaceful Snow
1. Murder Made History
2. Fire Feast
3. Peaceful Snow
4. Life Under Siege
5. A Nausea
6. Wolf Rose
7. The Scents Of Genocide
8. Red Odin Day
9. My Company Of Corpses
10. Cemetary Cove
11. Our Ghosts Gather
12. Neutralize Decay
13. The Maverick Chamber

Disc 02: Lounge Corps
1. Leopard Flowers
2. Hail! The White Grain
3. Break The Black Ice
4. The Glass Coffin
5. Kameradschaft
6. Luther’s Army
7. She Said Destroy
8. Heaven Street
9. Jesus, Junk And The Jurisdiction
10. Runes And Men
11. But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
12. The Enemy Within
13. Fall Apart
14. Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
15. Idolatry
16. Golden Wedding Of Sorrow
17. To Drown A Rose

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