White Laces - White Laces (EP) (2011)

White Laces came into being less than a year ago as a bedroom recording project at the mansion/squat affectionately referred to as the Unicorn Manor. After a month or so of gestation, the band, now a four piece, retired to the garage in the dead of winter to arrange the demos into full bore psych jams in time to do shows with the likes of Wild Nothing, Sore Eros, and Eternal Summers.

After a couple of now sold out cassette releases, the band drove to Boston to record their self-titled EP in a warehouse space with Kevin Micka of the band Animal Hospital, mixing live garage-style instrumentation with subtle samples, loops, and archaic synthesizers. The resulting slab of dream punk/noise pop will be seeing the light of day in January via Whole Ghost/Shdwply.

White Laces
White Laces (EP)
Album art: 
Release date: 
192 kbps

1. Motorik Twilight
2. Spirituals
3. Sick of Summer
4. Honeywood
5. Psykick Healing

Music label: 
Whole Ghost
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