Teen Daze - My Bedroom Floor (2010)

“My Bedroom Floor” is a collection of songs that were written between January and April 2010. It was in the process of writing these songs, that I also wrote the 8 songs that would later appear on Four More Years. Those 8 songs were intended to be a part of this record, which I was recording for a different project of mine, when the whole Teen Daze thing took off.
I knew I wanted to do something special for NYE this year. New Years Eve and Dance music have always been synonymous for me, and for the last few years, I’ve put together a DJ mix, or a released a new track in honor of the new year. This year, I wanted to share these 13 tracks that have been sitting on my computer, waiting to be danced to.
As you can tell, there’s a bit of a difference between Four More Years and My Bedroom Floor. I keep things pretty uptempo on this record, and try to keep the beat and danceable as possible. The record is mostly instrumental, save for the few hoots and hollers that you’ll hear on the first track (care of my wonderful friends).
This whole record was meant to inspire joy and excitement. New Years Eve can be an amazing night, and I hope that this record finds its way into your night.
To 2011! I love you all.
Teen Daze.
Teen Daze
My Bedroom Floor
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1. Keep The Girls Away
2. Bobby’s Almost Here
3. Fall In Love
4. For Sweet Dave (In The Future)
5. Show Me Your Movements
6. JTB
7. Discovery
8. Darcy Is El Tigre
9. Body Gray
10. I Need To Get The Power Man To Jimmy
11. Turn It Up Bells!
12. Light Cycles
13. Let’s Rock This Dagobah System

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Arcade Sound
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