Dangerous Trap & The End of Science - Split (EP) (2011)

At the time of writing this review this tape is still in the manufacturing process and is slated to be available for sale on January 18th from Meters and Miles Recordings. While we cannot comment on the quality of the tape or inserts we can comment on the music contained. You can stream it from their MySpace page listed below. Dangerous Trap hails from Charleston, SC while The End of Science is from San Diego, CA. It looks to be two songs per side from each band. Dangerous Trap starts out strong with “Muppet Walk” and continues on with a nice steady sound. The End of Science seems a bit heavier with their song “The Avid Hornet”. I rather enjoyed these songs. This recording is the debut for Dangerous Trap, however, The End of Science has previous recordings on Future Recordings. If you still have a tape deck and know how to use it, I would recommend picking this tape up.

Dangerous Trap & The End of Science
Split (EP)
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. Dangerous Trap – I Do A Pretty Good Muppet Walk
2. Dangerous Trap – Oh, I’ve Been To Prague
3. The End Of Science – The Avid Hornet Has To Dive Before It Enters The Transparent Lair Of Leaning Flowers
4. The End Of Science – Orange Sunshine (Live)

Music label: 
Meters and Miles Recordings
United States
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