Octave Mouret - Oh, Mouret (2011)

"These tracks have a rather low signal-to-noise ratio. In my book, that's often a good thing. There's something about teasing out the glint of a shimmering tone coming at you through a sandstorm, or listening breath-held for the pulse of a liminal beat, like imagining your own heartbeat while caught in a riptide. Such listening experiences are often much easier for me- many things are there for the careful listener, but no one element reaches out and slaps your face, as is the experience when listening to a lot of modern music."

"So beautiful it will make you weep" -MUSIC LIKE DIRT

"Delicate and precise like the workings of a beautiful watch... It’s as if starlight has been fashioned into gems by pixies, and then made into a lovely hat for you to wear."


"Fusing elements of electro, as base, and whispered lines of guitar, beatbox and a range of creative effects produced in the studio. A concept record that demands intent listening." -ROCK PRESS BRAZIL


Octave Mouret
Oh, Mouret
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1. Gold Hands
2. Sunburnt
3. Good News, Everyone! I've Taught the Toaster To Feel Love!
4. Deadly, Deadly Bees

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100m Records
United Kingdom
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