Barn Owl - Ancestral Star (2010)

Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras are back with their third album and it's a belter. Opener Sundown sets the scene with sustained doom riffs and it becomes clear from the off that these guys mean business and we're in for an epic ride. 'Nights Shroud' has an enticing loner feel to it evoking images and feelings of being lost in a desolate arid landscape. The title expands the hallucinations further into a full on widescreen vision with dusty atmospherics akin to a combination of both black metal and shoegaze. For its entire ten minute duration its astonishingly captivating and like a micro album with in the album its self - What a trip! What I particularly like about Barn Owl's sound, and it certainly applies here, is that they take you deep into the black abyss to toil for a short while but then you always get the sunshine breaking through the black clouds. 'Cavern Hymn' is a breezy acoustic guitar track that provides a little light relief from the intensity. 'Flatlands' is probably the most devotional sounding number on here with glorious vocal drones that really activate the goosebumps. I'd say 'Ancestral Star' is probably their most accomplished vision to date and over time will reveal further hidden treasures buried within. If you've not checked these guys out then this is a fine place to start and if you like the whole Natural Snow Buildings axis or have a penchant for spooked Americana then I suggest giving this a whirl.

Barn Owl
Ancestral Star
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1. Sundown
2. Visions in Dust
3. Night's Shroud
4. Ancestral Star
5. Cavern Hymn
6. Flatlands
7. Twilight
8. Awakening
9. Incantation
10. Light From the Mesa

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Thrill Jockey
United States
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