Mini Mansions - Mini Mansions (2010)

The debut album by Mini Mansions, featuring Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Mikey Shuman.
If pure sound had the capability to project images on a blank wall, Mini Mansions would be worthy projectionists. On a break from Queens of the Stone Age, Michael Shuman melded heads and locked arms with longtime friends Tyler Parkford and Zach Dawes in a dusty room in the San Fernando Valley. Here, they began a collaborative séance out of which birthed Mini Mansions in January of 2009. Though their triangle is usually confined to piano, bass, and a cocktail drum kit, the LAbased trio generates a Technicolor spectrum of sound drawn from the baroque, gothic, psychedelic, and cinematic realms. Their debut selftitled release, due out this fall via Rekords Rekords, curtseys to the past, bows to the present, and foreshadows a progressively more abstract future.
Released in conjunction between Ipecac Records and Homme's own Rekords Rekords, Shuman considers Mini Mansions to sound completely different than anything that's coming out right now, and it s something special. The ingenuity of the Mini Mansions sound is not a teaser-trailer or a sizzle reel, but the grainy film, vintage color, and flickering light make for a wholly original experience.
Mini Mansions
Mini Mansions
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1. Vignette, No. 1
2. The Room Outside
3. Crime Of The Season
4. Monk
5. Wunderbars
6. Seven Sons
7. Vignette, No. 2
8. Kiddie Hypnogogia
9. Majik Marker
10. Girls
11. Vignette, No. 3
12. Thriller Escapade

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Ipecac Recordings
United States
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