Hinder - All American Nightmare (2010)

Hinder began recording the album in early 2010 with producer Kevin Churko. The band had originally selected Howard Benson to produce the album, but Churko was later hired for the role. According to singer Austin Winkler, he and drummer Cody Hanson wrote around 60 songs for the album, of which 10 were recorded for the standard release, and an additional two which are on the deluxe version of the album. The writing process was different from what the band had done in the past; Winkler said that "[w]e normally do whatever the label wants. But for this record, we had to do something different. We had to mix it up a little bit."

The album was recorded in two parts; all music was recorded at Hanson's personal studio, while vocals, performed by Winkler, were recorded at his studio in Las Vegas.

Winkler said that he was pleased with the album, saying that "I'm ecstatic about the album...I've never been more proud of a record than I have with this one."

All American Nightmare
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1. 2 Sides of Me
2. All American Nightmare
3. What Ya Gonna Do
4. Hey Ho
5. The Life
6. Waking Up the Devil
7. Red Tail Lights
8. Striptease
9. Everybody's Wrong
10. Put That Record On

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Universal Republic Records
United States
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