(We Are) Performance - Red Brick Heart (2010)

Over the past two years they have convened periodically to write and record the second Performance album, ‘Red Brick Heart’. The process was, as ever, a little dramatic. But the results were decent and, having secured a record deal, Performance are exiting their unfortunate lives in order to tweak the nose of the mainstream, after which, no doubt, they will auto-annihilate gleefully and return to their downbeat lives in the suburbs and centre of Manchester. 

They would have been back sooner had they agreed to change their name, as a number of major labels stipulated. ‘I’m not going to change my name for a man who looks like polished fruit,’ remarked Joe Stretch. ‘They told us that it’s cool to seem new. I’m not sure about that. Aren’t many new bands enchantingly crap? Plus, changing your name makes you a phoney, Rich, perhaps. But a phoney.’ 

The album’s producer, Cliff Jones, commented that, ‘I’ve honestly never met a more sombre bunch of people in my life. It’s unclear to me why they make pop music.’ 

(We Are) Performance
Red Brick Heart
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1. Unconsoled
2. Miracles
3. The Living
4. The Love
5. International
6. Reptile
7. Eleanor
8. Let's Start
9. New Beginning
10. O, Surgeon
11. 15
12. Karaoke

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Too Much Information
United Kingdom
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