The Barlights - You Cannot Choose The Roads That Take You Home (2010)

A deeply exquisite follow-up album from country pop boy band, The Barlights, produced by Dave Pye (Wild Beasts, Faithless, Sargasso Trio).

It is rare that I can listen to an album the whole way through, again and again, but this album is definitely and elatedly one of them. Despite still being pretty underground (not for long!), The Barlights are clearly on their way up, and "You Cannot Choose The Roads That Take You Home" is far from the usual expectations of a DIY album. Full to the brim of slick, mature, and satisfying hooks and structures, The Barlights have progressed leaps and bounds from their debut album, and found a sound that they fit so well. The lyrical patterns complement and echo the vocal melodies as best I’ve heard, providing a perfect base for the listener to invest emotion into the songs, and indeed the band. Whilst I couldn’t name a bad song on the album, highlights are the haunting ‘Slept Like Babies’, slow builder ‘Curtains’, the nostalgic ‘Love, And Love Only’, and the anthemic sing-a-long title track. However, album closer ‘The Past And The Future’ is mesmerising and beautiful, and probably signs the album off at its highest peak. In a world where Arcade Fire can have a Number One album, The Barlights have the talent and depth to be right up there with them!

The Barlights
You Cannot Choose The Roads That Take You Home
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1. Curtains
2. Living With Ghosts
3. A Good Night’s Sleep
4. Love, And Love Only
5. Slept Like Babies
6. Colour In Your Eyes
7. (Rampant Horse Street, 3 Am)
8. I Lost You Again
9. You Cannot Choose The Roads That Take You Home
10. Everyone Is Getting It (But Me)
11. Reprise
12. Wait For It To Die
13. The Past and Future

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NR One Records
United Kingdom
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