Alexisonfire - Dog’s Blood (EP) (2010)

 "A really crazy riff" was all it took to set things in motion for Alexisonfire's forthcoming EP, 'Dog's Blood.

"[The riff] turned into a song, which probably would have never made it onto an album because it's a bit too crazy. Then George [Pettit] came up with 'Dog's Blood' so we decided to name the EP that," guitarist Dallas Green tells Spinner.

According to Green, the title track isn't the only number on the upcoming disc that's a little out there. "They're completely different-sounding songs and would probably never make it onto a [full-length] record," he says. "That's what EP's are for though, completely miscellaneous stuff."

Fans anxious to find out just how crazy St. Catharines, Ontario's reigning punks actually get on the upcoming disc will have to wait a while longer. Between a lengthy Warped Tour engagement last summer and a recent jaunt to Europe, Alexisonfire has yet to make it into the studio to lay down the tracks. 

Green is optimistic, though, that 'Dog's Blood' will be released before 2011. It seems like a reasonable projection considering the EP's artwork is already in the can. 

"We're always last minute artwork people, so to have it already done is amazing -- it's something we've never had in our lives," says the heavily-tattooed musician, who pushed to have American artist Skinner create the record's visual component. "We didn't give him any direction," says Green. "We just said, 'here's the band name and here's the name of the EP, feel free' and he sent us this amazing cover art and back cover art before we even had any of the other songs done."

While the final product is obviously under wraps for the time being, one can't help but speculate about the scene Skinner whipped up for the guys given his artistic style that features psychedelic colours, retro comic book imagery and strange three-headed beasts. One would guess that Alexisonfire got just what they ordered: something to compliment the "really crazy riff" that first sent the group off on this experimental jaunt. --Spinner

Dog’s Blood (EP)
Album art: 
Release date: 
256 kbps

1. Dog's Blood
2. Grey
3. Black As Jet
4. Vex

Music label: 
Vagrant Records
United States
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