Sharon Van Etten - Epic (2010)


2010 sophomore album from the singer/songwriter. Sharon Van Etten came to Brooklyn via Jersey via Tennessee via Jersey. Along the way, she sang in choirs, rejected her school's music program, worked at an all-ages venue, trained as a sommelier and got a full time job at a record label. She also had a few bad experiences in relationships. More than a few. Epic lays a romantic melancholy lining over the gravel and dirt of heartbreak, without one honest thought or feeling spared. She sings of betrayal, obsession, egotism and all the other emotions we hate in others and recognize in ourselves. Van Etten's grounded and clenched vocals convey the sense of hope--the notion that beauty can come out of the worst of circumstances. Epic is indeed that beauty.
Very good album by a dream-like folk artist who sings about her past abusive relationships. It's a very touching album people should listen to!


Sharon Van Etten
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1. A Crime
2. Peace Signs
3. Save Yourself
4. DsharpG
5. Don't Do It
6. One Day
7. Love More

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Ba Da Bing
United States
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