James Blunt - Some Kind Of Trouble (2010)

James Blunt releases his third studio album "Some Kind Of Trouble". The album features 12 new songs and was produced by Steve Robson (with additional production from Greg Kurstin and Eg White). It sees Blunt, who has sold in excess of 16 million albums worldwide, capturing a new feeling of spontaneity and freshness summed up by his comment that he sees his first two albums as a pair of book ends - action and reaction

Some Kind Of Trouble, then, is very much the start of a new chapter. The album was recorded largely in London with members of James' touring band.

p.s. Have excluded an empty track of 5 seconds that should've been between track 11 and 12.

James Blunt
Some Kind Of Trouble
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1. Stay The Night
2. Dangerous
3. Best Laid Plans
4. So Far Gone
5. No Tears
6. Superstar
7. These Are The Words
8. Calling Out Your Name
9. Heart Of Gold
10. I'll Be Your Man
11. If Time Is All I Have
12. Turn Me On

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Indie Europe
United Kingdom
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