Black Lab - Two Strangers (2010)

"I think you guys are going to like how the new album sounds. It's both more basic and more lush than anything we've done before. I think it's more of an ensemble record, and it definitely hangs together as a whole album. There's no fluff. It's lean and muscular, melodic but also strange in some ways. More direct lyrically than I've ever been but in a very embedded way. Dunno, I mean, I just finished it so I'm pretty close to it. Someone asked me to describe it and I kind of had a hard time... 

It's like, the singer is laying it all out at your feet in his elliptical way, but there are dense vocal harmonies that have their own story to tell, plot detours and shades darker than what the writer would have you believe. There are secrets in plain sight, guitars that are playing just the wrong thing, a guy sweating behind the kit, hitting hard but not too hard, determined to make it through to the end. There's a string section playing its heart out as the ship goes down deep, an earnest lover lying to himself as he says the truest thing he knows. There's a mean mofo trying to draw some blood in revenge, then regretting it and turning in on himself.

There are a lot of victimless crimes here, laid on thick like an organ huffing away in an empty church. There's one pop song after another, frosted with sugar so sweet you don't mind spitting those molars out onto the pavement, one after another, each one black and real. There's stuff to fall in love to and stuff to get your heart broken to, often in the same verse. There are guitars at sea and guitars at war, pianos breaking in the background, a mob on the rampage, a wash of sound so rich the air goes out when it finally crashes down, back to the beat, back to a shaker and an ebow or maybe a freakin banjo. 

I can't tell you what it sounds like 'cause I was there. But I think you can go there, too. There's a rush of blood to the places that really move us, that send us on that sideways journey out of the little alley of our lives and into a field we recognize as being, once a gain, unfamiliar." -Paul Durham

Black Lab
Two Strangers
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1. This Ship Goes Down Deep
2. Something You Don't Know
3. Bound
4. Start A Fire
5. Always
6. Slow Down
7. The Pain Is Gone
8. Dying Just To Hold You
9. Close To You
10. I Believe It
11. Say Goodbye
12. Love To Love You

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