Weezer - Death To False Metal (2010)

2010 collection of unreleased Weezer songs that, for one reason or another, didn't make the final cut on any of their albums. Death To False Metal is not a traditional collection of studio leftovers or songs from the vault, but a wholly original follow-up to Weezer's just-released Hurley. The album was created using the basic tracks of 10 previously unreleased recordings (nine never-before-heard songs plus one cover) to assemble a brand new and truly modern-sounding record. The result is an evolution for the band, a giant step forward with a nod to the past.

Death To False Metal
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320 kbps

1. Turning Up The Radio
2. I Don't Want Your Loving
3. Blowin' My Stack
4. Losing My Mind
5. Everyone
6. I'm a Robot
7. Trampoline
8. Odd Couple
9. Auto-Pilot
10. Un-Break My Heart (Toni Braxton cover)

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David Geffen Company
United States
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