Trembling Blue Stars - Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires (2010)

The new record is now finished - mixed and mastered. The first disc 'Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires' will be an eleven track full length album. The song  'The Imperfection Of Memory' features guest lead vocals by Cath Carroll. The opening track 'My Face For The World To See' is currently featured on our MySpace music player.

The second disc 'Cicely Tonight Volume One' will be included with all copies of the album. This will not be a limited edition. This will be a mini album including a guest lead vocal from Anne Mari Barker-Davies on 'The Lowest Arc'( she also provides backing vocals on Cold Colours) and a cover version of the Nick Laird-Clowes song 'Not For Second Prize'.

A vinyl edition is still being debated as we will need to approach the album with that format in mind so a little rethink may be necessary.


Trembling Blue Stars
Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires
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1. My Face For The World To See
2. All Our Tomorrows
3. In Arrivals
4. Frosting
5. The Imperfection Of Memory
6. The Dark World Of The Broken
7. Cold Colours
8. Half-Light
9. Tropic Of Capricorn
10. The Last Four Winters Of The WarGrey Silk Storm
11. The Hidden Quarter
12. The Floating World
13. The Lowest Arc
14. Radioactive Decay
15. Not For Second Prize
16. Outside
17. The Floating World (Reprise)
18. No More Sad Songs

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Elefant Records
United Kingdom
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