The Sleeping - The Big Deep (2010)

The Sleeping's latest album, "The Big Deep", is a big sigh of relief for us fans. In today's music world, a lot of bands have switched (or completely changed) their sound to conform to a certain genre or because of what the label wants. Neither however, is the case here. The Big Deep contains that same great Sleeping sound we've all come to love and also has some new tricks up its sleeve. It is in my opinion, the perfect follow up to What It Takes.

The Big Deep drops September 28th on Victory Records. Be sure to pick up a copy and support these guys!

The Sleeping
The Big Deep
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1. Dark Days
2. Boroughs of the Ocean
3. Beautiful Gloom
4. Retiring Spies (Change Your Life)
5. Deafening the UK
6. The Phantom of Darker Clouds
7. Oh, Gloria
8. Get You Back
9. The Big Deep
10. Black Waves (Vaya Con Dios)
11. Young Vibes... Don't Run Away From Me

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Victory Records
United States
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