Evolett - For Your Consideration (2010)

Hailing from Montgomery, AL, Evolett consists of Tyler Gates (guitar), Haden Brightwell (vocals), Stephen Taunton (drums), Jonathan Flurry (guitar) and Russ Daly (bass). Musically, they draw inspiration from such esteemed bands as Coheed and Cambria, Underoath, Fireflight and Taking Back Sunday, but they have already made their own impression as a popular and unique band.
Manager/Producer Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit, Say Anything, Terrible Things, Death In The Park) moved Evolett forward within its first year, promoting their edgy, yet lyrically soothing sound at the End Sounds Showcase at the SXSW Music Festival. The southern quintet shared the stage with bands such as: NeverShoutNever, Cartel, Mayday Parade, VersaEmerge, Hot Rod Circuit, and many more. Proving they have a faithful following and the dedication to see their art evolve, Evolett started recording their debut album at Strangeways Recording in Rhode Island in October 2009 and signed to Austin indie label, End Sounds in February 2010.

All members of the band took part in contributing to the songwriting process, and with the support of the phenomenal team of Andy Jackson, pop/rock producer Mike Poorman (Piebald, Hot Rod Circuit, Therefore I Am) and mastering guru, Michael Fossenkemper, 'For Your Consideration', Evolett's full-length album, was recorded in a cinderblock room within a mere sixteen days. Now, this five-piece musical group from Alabama is ready to take their message to the alternative music scene with the scheduled release of 'For Your Consideration' on August 24, 2010.

Evolett exited Stangeways Recordings with ten heavy, anthemic, pop-laced rock songs, powered by Brightwell’s signature vocals and the relentless guitar riffs of Gates and Flurry. Taunton and Daly solidify the rhythm section driving the band forward with passion, fervor, and faith. Regarded by the band as having the “catchiest chorus,” the recently released lead-off track “The Compromise” has already generated over 50,000 plays on their MySpace page. Whether it’s the delicate-yet-powerful groove-rock riffs of “Circles” and “We All Fall Down" or a more pop-oriented track like “Genetic Makeup”, Evolett’s songwriting chops are on full display.. When asked what listeners should expect from the album, guitarist Tyler explains, “I want [listeners] to get something they’ve never experienced from another band. What that is, I don’t know.” After all, “It’s up for your consideration.”

Evolett now looks ready to fulfill their quest; to bring new musical life to the scene and spread the word in their own way. Immediately following the release of 'For Your Consideration' they headed back into the wilds of endless touring, supporting their album, and spreading their sound to new listeners.

For Your Consideration
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1. Only Time
2. The Compromise
3. The Portrait
4. Circles
5. We All Fall Down
6. Silent Illusion
7. Genetic Makeup
8. Hang on Every Word
9. Hold On
10. Careful Where You Sleep

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End Sounds
United States
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