Charles Manson - Air (2010)

Notorious mass murderer, recluse and '60s rock’n’roll icon Charles Manson is currently in the 40th year of his life sentence in prison. Over the years, the 75-year-old inmate has stayed dedicated to a hard work regiment, recording spoken word pieces and new songs wherever he could. Now some of this work will be compiled on a new four-album series.

The series is based on Manson's “personal environmental philosophy” called “ATWA”, which stands for Air, Trees, Water and Animals. Each of the four albums take their name from one of those elements, and they will be released seasonally from Magic Bullet Records.

Air is the first in the series. According to a press release, each album “features previously unheard, authorized, and exclusive songs with a sharp focus on the non-sustainable environmental conditions mankind has wrought for itself. The recordings span numerous sessions and are presented in their raw, natural, and unadulterated form.” The albums will also include exclusive paintings from Manson.

Following Air, Trees will be released in the fall, Water in the winter and Animals next spring.

P.S. His MySpace layout is crazy, think twice before you click:)

Charles Manson
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1. The Moon
2. Brother Gun
3. Bird
4 .Gas Chamber
5 .World Perspectives
6 .Hobo Poem
7. East Bound Train
8. Air Is The King

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Magic Bullet Records
United States
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