Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante (2010)

Crippled Black Phoenix consists include members of Mogwai & Portishead. Interested?

They roam laggardly through rural post-rock, prog, folk, ambient and doom metal pastures without even trying your patience. Some parts are prettily sinister – think Godspeed meets The League Of entlemen – while others are curiously euphoric. Highly recommended.” Uncut

“Lupus Pilum Mutat, Non Mentem” – The wolf may change its fur, but not its nature. This is the sentiment that runs throughout the new six (6) track album “I, Vigilante”. It encompasses words of warn-ing and tales of trouble from times past up to the present, songs of standing your ground and stories from our history, for it is only through history we truly exist.

“I, Vigilante” is something of a catch-up point for CBP as even though the last mammoth albumswere only released last year, the songs on “The Resurrectionists” and “Night Raider” are in factolder, dating back to 2007. So to save frustrations and to keep the gears oiled, CBP have recorded five (5) new songs to release this summer. This is not the usual type of album in CBPs world, it per-forms a slightly different agenda, shorter and to-the-point, although the running time is still around the 45 minute mark. It makes more of a statement of where the band is in the live arena, with a noticeably raw and less produced approach. But this is not to say the next album will be the same, or there’s a new direction, in fact there are plans for a more comprehensive full-length album to be completed by the end of the year.

This new recording includes the songs “Troublemaker”, We Forgotten Who We Are”, “Fantastic Justice” and the massive tribute to WWII veterans of the Battle Of The Bulge “Bastogne Blues”. Also included is CBPs faithful tribute to the 1st Journey album (the FIRST one, i.e. before Steve Perry) in the form of the song “Of A Lifetime” and a cover from Mike Curb.

Crippled Black Phoenix
I, Vigilante
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1. Troublemaker
2. We Forgotten Who We Are
3. Fantastic Justice
4. Bastogne Blues
5. Of a Lifetime
6. Burning Bridges (Hidden Track)

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Domino Records
United Kingdom
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