Big Troubles - Worry (2010)

This immense new album from Big Troubles follows on from a great four-song EP for the Olde English Spelling Bee singles club, featuring the New Jersey fuzz-pop project bejewelled with pop hooks and spurts of brain-scorching noise. There’s an abundance of blistering C86-style pop nuggets on here, from the distortion-surfing ‘Bite Yr Tongue’ to the euphorically hooked-up ‘Freudian Slips’. There’s an overwhelmingly fizzy, treble-some recording style here which imbues the whole thing with a hazy, nostalgic quality that reminds us of everything from My Bloody Valentine to The Jesus and Mary Chain to Dinosaur Jr at their very peak – making for one of the standout lo-fi pop record of the year bar none. Very highly recommended.

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Big Troubles
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1. Video Rock
2. Modern Intimacy
3. Bite Yr Tongue
4. Slouch
5. Georgia
6. Freudian Slips
7. Drastic and Difficult
8. Creeper
9. Desire For A Certain Thing To Happen
10. Feel Nothing
11. Boomerang
12. Lord Composure
13. Opposites
14. Astrology Screen Savers

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