Manic Street Preachers - Postcards From a Young Man (2010)

2010 release, the 10th studio album from the Welsh trio. "Postcards From A Young Man" is the follow up to 2009's Journal For Plague Lovers but is musically very different and more in the vein of Send Away The Tigers and Everything Must Go with unashamed soaring choruses, lots of strings and gospel choirs. It was recorded in Cardiff with producer Dave Eringa and mixed by Chris Lord Alge in the U.S. The album features guest vocals from Ian McCulloch ("Some Kind of Nothingness"), John Cale on piano ("Auto-Intoxication") and Duff McKagen playing bass ("A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun"). Manics bassist Nicky Wire sings lead vocals on "The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever" alongside drummer Sean Moore on the trumpet.

Manic Street Preachers
Postcards From a Young Man
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256 kbps AAC

1. It's Not War Just The End Of Love
2. Postcards From A Young Man
3. Some Kind Of Nothingness - Manic Street Preachers & Ian McCulloch
4. Descent, The
5. Hazleton Avenue
6. Auto Intoxication
7. Golden Platitudes
8. I Think I've Found It
9. Billion Balconies Facing The Sun, A
10. All We Make Is Entertainment
11. Future Has Been Here 4 Ever, The
12. Don't Be Evil

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Columbia Records
United KIngdom
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