Hot Panda - How Come I'm Dead (2010)

"How Come I'm Dead?" (Out on Mint Records October 12, 2010), a follow up to 2009's acclaimed Volcano...Bloody Volcano!, was written with Hiltz and recorded at Vancouver's JC/DC studios during the chaos of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It has a playful sense of humour to it, revealing the band's sense of relief and the return of ridiculous good times since Hiltz's arrival. Like Volcano, How Come I'm Dead? draws inspiration from music's most random corners- the album has moments of dreamy noise, circus freak dance, heartbreaking country ballads with screeching metal guitar solos, lovely harmonies, psychadelic drones, and straight up pop/rock numbers. There's even a hip-hop track, which includes a bass scratch solo and enough f-bombs to earn them an adult content warning sticker. Awww yeah.

Watch for Hot Panda in a town near you this fall- joyfully dispensing their new rock and roll tunes (and advanced copies of their record) as they tour North America starting in September. On the East Coast, you'll also be able to see their shining faces at Halifax Pop Explosion!

Hot Panda
How Come I'm Dead
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1. Membership Fees (Intro)
2. Evil Nature
3. Pools
4. Shoot Your Horse
5. Fuck Shit Up / Hell Hey Hex
6. Start Making Sense
7. Poor Little Ambulance
8. Clever Fox
9. Mindlessnesslessness
10. 1995
11. Masculinity
12. The Ghost
13. Late Night Calling (Outro)

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Mint Records
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