Amusement Parks On Fire - Road Eyes (2010)

Amusement Parks On Fire have returned with a new record and a new take on their post-rock theatrics. The UK shoegaze/indie quintet’s third album, 'Road Eyes' was recorded in Los Angeles with two producers: Michael Patterson, who has worked with Great Northern, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Beck, and Nic Jodoin of the group the Morlocks. The band is definitely pushing the sonic adventurism on this disc, and mixing in massed guitars, voices, drums, keyboards and strings. They’ve termed the new sound “stargaze,” a play on shoegaze. The epic-rock power of Amusement Parks On Fire blasts the beauty straight up into the cosmos. Colossal walls of guitars, voices and strings give Amusement Parks' towering sonics a soaring urgency that burns through a gorgeous lyricism, packing a visceral wham not unlike the feral punk that inspired the band back in the day. The album’s title, 'Road Eyes', references Neil Young, who is an inspiration to band founder Michael Feerick.

Amusement Parks On Fire
Road Eyes
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1. Road Eyes
2. Flashlight Planetarium
3. Inside Out
4. Raphael
5. Echo Park \ Infinite Delay
6. Wave of the Future
7. So Naturally
8. Water from the Sun
9. Inspects the Evil Side

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