The Reign of Kindo - This is What Happens (2010)

I recently discovered the "awesomeness" that is Kindo a few months ago after a friend let me listen in on a couple of their songs from the Rhythm Chord & Melody album. Immediately, I was blown away by how amazing the quality of their music was. The genre of music falls somewhere in between indie and piano jazz, somewhat reminiscent to Mr. Ben Fold's "Piano Rock", but certainly not copied. 

"This is What Happens" certainly brings plenty more of what the fans have come to love about Kindo, but also brings some great new stylization to some songs. This, like their previous albums, is chock full of excellent tunes, many of them moving, all of them beautifully performed. It's a rarity this day in age to find an album you could listen all the way through ten million times over, but this is certainly one of them. I recommend Kindo to anyone who is a lover of music!

The Reign of Kindo
This is What Happens
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1. Thrill of the Fall
2. Now We’ve Made Our Ascent
3. Symptom of a Stumbling
4. Bullets in the Air
5. Flowers by the Moon
6. Nightingale
7. Blistered Hands
8. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
9. Comfort in the Orchestration
10. City Lights & Traffic Sounds
11. Battling the Years
12. Soon It Shall Be
13. Psalm

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CandyRat Records
New York, United States
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