Eels - Tomorrow Morning (2010)

The first release on Eels’ E Works label is the final part of a trilogy begun with 2009′s Hombre Loco and continued earlier this year with End Times, an emotional arc dealing first with the dark urges of desire, then with the fallout of a shattered relationship , and concluding here with a celebration of emotional renewal.

Track titles like “This is Where it Gets Good” and “I Like the Way This is Going” give some idea of the hopeful nature of the album , which at its most ingenuous finds Mark Everett blurting out “Baby loves me – and she’s smarter than you!”. It’s set to the usual Eels topography of electric piano, organ and strings, applied in that way that disguises the complexity of the arrangements under a veil of simplicity. But it’s rather less imposing than previous releases. Reviewed by Andy Gill, The Independent


Tomorrow Morning
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1. In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day
2. I’m A Hummingbird
3. The Morning
4. Baby Loves Me
5. Spectacular Girl
6. What I Have To Offer
7. This Is Where It Gets Good
8. After The Earthquake
9. Oh So Lovely
10. The Man
11. Looking Up
12. That’s Not Her Way
13. I Like The Way This Is Going
14. Mystery Of Life
15. And Now The Tomorrow Morning Bonus EP
16. Swimming Lesson
17. St. Elizabeth Story
18. Let’s Ruin Julie’s Birthday
19. Looking Up (Reprise)

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E Works
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