Cotton Jones - Tall Hours in the Glowstream (2010)

-Cotton Jones is releasing its third full-length in August. Michael Nau & Whitney McGraw left their Cumberland, Maryland, home to do some recording in Winterville, Georgia. Glowstream is a place centered between North and South Cumberland, which rolls to a dead end by train tracks in downtown.

-Cotton Jones recorded, mixed and produced the album.

-“Sail Of The Silver Morning” has an oldies (think ‘50s) vibe to it, with crooning, sweet melodies and McGraw’s delicate vocals. The song would fit in perfectly in the original Back to the Future.

-"Soft Mountain Shake" is a cool, mellow interlude that sets the tone for the last half of the album.

-The album's last song, "No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago)," brings the album full-circle and has the warm, cozy feeling of a fire crackling in your living room.

Cotton Jones
Tall Hours in the Glowstream
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1. Sail Of The Silver Morning
2. Somehow To Keep It Going
3. Glorylight And Christie
4. Man Climbs Out Of The Winter
5. Song In Numbers
6. Soft Mountain Shake
7. Place At The End Of The Street
8. More Songs For Margaret
9. Goethe Nayburs
10. Dream On Columbia Street
11. No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago)

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Suicide Squeeze Records
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