Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam (EP) (2010)


"She Stayed As Steam" is an EP by Kevin Devine, featuring outtakes and alternate versions of tracks from Brother's Blood. The two outtakes featured are the title track, "She Stayed As Steam", and "Big Bad Man". Kevin has said that "it was a tough call leaving them off the record". "She Stayed As Steam" was omitted because of feelings that it was too similar to other songs already on the album.

The EP also features two remixes, one of "Hand of God" by Plosive (a pseudonym of Chris Bracco, who has produced a number of Kevin's releases), along with a remix for "Another Bag of Bones" by Trevor Dowdy of I Married My Highschool Sweetheart, a Favorite Gentlemen labelmate.

The EP was released on a limited edition "coke bottle green" 12" vinyl (limited to 750 copies), along with a digital download. Two live tracks from a session on FM 4 serve as vinyl exclusive tracks. The vinyl version of the EP also comes with a download code for 320 kbps MP3s.

The cover of the EP is a photograph by Ofer Wolberger, who has previously worked with These Are Not Records for the Elf Power "Venus and Mercury" 10" vinyl.


Kevin Devine
She Stayed As Steam (EP)
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1. She Stayed As Steam
2. Breath, Breath Deep ("Hand Of God" remix by Plosive)
3. Chelsea Hotel No.2 (FM4 session, Vienna, AT, 3/10/10)
4. Big Bad Man
5. Another Bag Of Bones (Devastation Of Death rmx by Trevor Dowdy)
6. Ballgame (FM4 session, Vienna, AT, 3/10/10)

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