Bugs and Rats - Adidas (2010)

Here we go: Bugs and Rats are a heavy punk/noise/dirge/pop/bastard rock three piece with songs in 4/4 time in pop song format. Boring? I know, but you couldn't possibly be as bored as this trio of hellions.
Spawned from the shitty town of Quincy Mass, Shawnie Brando (guitar and complaining), Dice Sullivan (drums), and Radek van Helsin (bass), have spent their lives being weaned on bad parents, bad drugs, and bad skin. Finally, in late 2002, after a combination of uppers and downers, as well as related anxiety disorders, the trio decided to unite to lead a crusade against pretentious indie rock stars, violent jocks, and of course, Osama bin Laden. That was a joke, by the way. They love pretentious indie rock stars.
Bugs and Rats' influences are as follows: Black Flag, Nirvana, the Microphones, Beatles, Wu Tang Clan, Jesus Lizard, Picture of Dorian Gray, the Swans, the Breeders, Dead Kennedys, Flipper, the Thermals, low self esteem, Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth, Sub Pop, riot grrrl, and an unusual fear of wires.
Bugs and Rats' sound can be described as a combination of all those people, but then one might assume that they had an original thought in their collective head. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Bugs and Rats are willing to rip off anyone and everyone on that list to achieve their one true goal: money. I know all you industry people can relate.
Basically, Bugs and Rats are willing to do anything to avoid going back to their jobs at Burger King. If that means working day and night to promote the band, then so be it. Drugs cost money. And unfortunately, the trust funds that their super rich parents set up for them are getting low.
To paraphrase the legendary Kool Keith: Who gives a fuck if you rap with a good spirit? Well, Bugs and Rats don't rap. And they certainly don't have a good spirit. But they certainly do rock. And that's all that matters in this day and age -even if they are blatant plagiarists.
Bugs and Rats
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1. Hallway
2. Big Man
3. Hot Skins
4. Irish Cloud
5. The Juices
6. Can't Sleep
7. Guinea Pig
8. I Don't Think You Know Distance
9. I Hope You Get Greased
10. Summertime
11. Sea And The Sun

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