Jukebox the Ghost - Everything Under the Sun (2010)

"Sophomore releases. They used to be a daunting obstacle for a band to overcome. Living up to the first impressions you left on your listeners ears and catching up with all the music that came out during the time that  you “took off.” That is unless you are Philadelphia’s Jukebox the Ghost.  Armed with their new record Everything Under the Sun produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National, Fanfarlo) and set for release on September 7th via Yep Roc the band combines their adept skills as individual musicians, tirelessly energetic live sets and pulsating catchy lyrics. The record’s debut  track, “Empire” is best described by vocalist/keyboardist Ben Thornwell as: “ …an extended metaphor of the heart as a castle, A keep is defined as ‘The Stronghold of a Castle’ thus, ‘My heart, is my keep and you are threatening me.’ And the truth is that an empire, as is love, is hard to keep peaceful.”

Since their 2008 debut, Let Live and Let Ghosts, which SPIN called, “a refreshing reminder that the lighthearted electricity of a fantastic pop song is still filled with live wires,” the band has kept themselves busy. After playing over 300 shows with the likes of Ben Folds, Adam Green and Ra Ra Riot the band, which is made up of vocalist/pianist Ben Thornewill, vocalist/guitarist Tommy Siegel and drummer Jesse Kristin spent countless hours constructing and arranging songs until they reached their full potential. Whether they were touring, rehearsing in basements, houses, hotel rooms or hanging out in the studio the creative process never stopped, making Everything Under the Sun a record that not only showcases this band’s songwriting prowess but also their infectious energy." (Discosalt)

Jukebox the Ghost
Everything Under the Sun
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1. Schizophrenia
2. Half Crazy
3. Empire
4. Summer Sun
5. Mistletoe
6. The Sun
7. So Let Us Create
8. Carrying
9. The Sun (Interlude)
10. The Stars
11. The Popular Thing
12. Nobody

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Yep Roc Records
United States
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