Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody - I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years (2010)

With Swervedriver, Adam Franklin had an eight-year run spinning out dreamy textures of distorted guitar that, however, loud they might turn in live performance, had an unruffled serenity to them. Bolts of Melody, following a quieter interlude as Toshack Highway, pursues the same muscular, feedback-glazed reveries as Swervedriver, its reflective melodies hedged with swirling masses of guitar sound. Franklin's band - which now includes Ley Taylor on guitar, Josh Stoddard on bass, Gerard Menke on pedal steel - has gotten noticeably more confident on second Bolts outing "I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years", building dense, hallucinatory thickets of sound around Franklin's rueful songs.

"Yesterday Has Gone Forever," the album's first cut and one of its best, pits soft, ruminative lyrics against a firestorm of distorted guitar a la My Bloody Valentine. Its instrumental layers shimmer, waver and fade like heat mirages in psychedelic uncertainty. "I'll Be Your Mechanic" leans more into Sonic Youth's lyrical washes of feedback, a muted roar cresting under Franklin's worn-in murmur. "She Is Closer Now Than I've Ever Been" is janglier, quieter, more introspective, yet haunted by the same bittersweet backwards-looking. And long, lovely "Take Me Too My Leader," follows a shambolic tambourine over brightly colored melodies that have the symmetry of pop, the gauzy luminosity of experimental guitar rock.

Even without the guitar-driven sturm und drang, this would be one of 2010's prettiest pop records. With it, it's something else altogether stronger, more dramatic and more affecting.

Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody
I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years
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1. Yesterday Has Gone Forever
2. I'll Be Yr Mechanic
3. She's Closer Than I've Ever Been
4. I Want You Right Now
5. Mary Gunn
6. Carousel City
7. Guernica
8. Spent Bullets
9. Sinking Ships
10. The Road Is Long
11. Lord Help Me Jesus, I've Wasted A Soul
12. Take Me To My Leader

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Second Motion Records
United States
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