O. Children - O. Children (2010)

Named after a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds song, London-based outfit O. Children, currently causing a huge stir in Europe, release their self-titled debut full-length. Taking influence from the dark, melancholy sounds of Joy Division and Bauhaus while also leaning heavily towards the grandiose, goth rock sound that Echo & The Bunnymen, Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim produced, O. Children create a rich, atmospheric sound. On the driving single "Ruins", the vocals of lead singer Tobi O'Kandi growl and soar over heavy guitar fuzz and concise drums. On "Dead Disco Dancer", plangent, cascading basslines are married to spiky guitars whilst tinny percussion is teased by quietly ghostly synths. What’s so special about O. Children — along with O’Kandi’s extremely haunting baritone vocals and stage presence, is the band's rhthym section, who provide a driving and hypnotic darkness that blends so harmoniously with O’Kandi’s lead vocals, working in perfect contrast to uplifting, minimal and shoe-gazed guitar playing. 
W\hereas the likes of Interpol and Editors have sounded at times like lazy (albeit successful) Joy Division copyists, O. Children sound less calculated and contrived as they go about their art-fun and frightening yet curiously addictive after even the first listen. It seems these four lads (still only 19 to 21), could quite have possibly created one of the most exciting bands and albums of 2010.
O. Children
O. Children
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1. Malo
2. Dead Disco Dancer
3. Heels
4. Fault Line
5. Smile
6. Ezekiel's Son
7. Ruins
8. Radio Waves
9. Pray the Soul Away
10. Don't Dig

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Deadly People Recordings
United Kingdom
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