Attack Attack! with Jason Cameron and McSwagger - Attack Attack! (2010)

Flash-back to the late 1950's when rock music was becoming the single most infectious phenomenon the world had ever seen. The people at the forefront of this era were the ones who had something inherently special and unique to bring to music. Flash forward to the present and the same is still true, but rock music is now an aggressive match of 'king of the hill', where the only ones standing out are the ones who have the capacity to re-invent rock. Attack Attack! is that band. On their sophomore effort, Attack Attack! continue their furious path upwards to the top of the hill, blending the most extreme elements of metal and pop to conjure up what can only be categorized as a new genre all together. Having sold an impressive 75,000+ albums in the States, Attack Attack! stand as the kings of this ground-breaking new age of music, establishing a legacy that will soon spread around the world.

Attack Attack! with Jason Cameron and McSwagger
Attack Attack!
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1. Sexual Man Chocolate
2. Renob Nevada
3. I Swear Ill Change
4. Shut Your Mouth
5. A For Andrew
6. Smokahontas
7. AC-130
8. Fumbles O Brian
9. Turbo Swag
10. Lonely

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Rise Records
United States
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