Crash City Saints - Glow In The Dark Music (2010)

Imagine a sandblaster filled with sugar. Quince Records (Japan) signed Crash City Saints (Kalamazoo, Michigan) for their melodies and for songwriter Joshua Garman’s persistence of vision and 10-plus year commitment to the elemental spirits of shoegaze: feedback noise, emotional beat, floating loops, and dreamy melodies. "Glow In The Dark Music" is the group’s first proper long player, collecting recordings from 2005–2010, from the RETURNER EP through the freshly minted “Broke” (featuring Glowfriends vocalist April Morris), and proving, in Quince’s words, that “beautiful noise can still make everyone dance.”  Recommended if you like The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Bailter Space, Skywave, Medicine, Chapterhouse, Astrobrite, and The Stone Roses.
“Unlike other groups that have taken the shoegaze revivalist route, Crash City Saints have been able to retain the swirling ambient beauty that’s often neglected ... loud, noisy, and for lack of a better term, really ****ing pretty. “
Crash City Saints
Glow In The Dark Music
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1. Broke (Featuring Guest Vocals By April Morris)
2. Dissension Party
3. Every Face Is A Mirror
4. Teenage Crime Wave
5. Memory Box (Song For Ava)
6. Council Of Elders
7. A Life Worth Living
8. Out From The Storm
9. Let's Be Honest
10. Cough Syrup
11. Returner
12. Night Drive (21st Century)
13. Teen Age
14. Panic Queen

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Quince Records
United States
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