His Clancyness - Hissometer (EP) (2010)

"Recorded over the course of three years hissometer ep (originally released on cassette) is the debut for Ottawa (Canada) native His Clancyness. Clancy did everything himself this time, mixing lo-fi with mid-fi to create eight tunes that present sparse texture, weird pop outbursts and dreamy melodies. simple repetitive beats are used to give power to the backbone of reverb drenched songs and fuzzy guitars. Guitars were also set aside in favor of mandolin, glock, synth, loops and organs…whatever could carry the warmth of the voice. Just about everything was documented in Bologna, Italy amongst the backdrop of a once joyous now snoozing city. This is what inspired this ep. In the meanwhile His Clancyness has started to play with a few like minded spirits such as women, clinic & handsome furs in an urge to recreate the dark-dream pop effect that plays out on hissometer ep" --Secret Furry Hole


His Clancyness
Hissometer (EP)
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1. Sunday Morning Demo
2. Dream Tune
3. Dover
4. I Trust Your way
5. Next Year is Ours
6. Buying Pine Scents
7. Scared Haze
8. Is It All Passé?

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Secret Furry Hole
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